LOOSEYS_001: 〄 DJM 〄 – Romancin


Today we launch our newest single series LOOSEYS, every few weeks we will upload a new Loosey along w/ a small interview segment with a music maker we are enjoying to find out what gear they are using, what’s inspiring them and what is on their calendar in the upcoming months.

For our first single we are blessed w/ a beat from 〄 DJM 〄, a lofi musician from The Netherlands with releases on the label Paxico Records, and a release forthcoming from Dirty Tapes, DJMs soundcloud and bandcamp pages are stacked with EPs and Singles all ranging from smooth almost ballad esq beats to smooth modern jazz covers of Poptartpete & Flying Lotus with his trio project. Definitely looking forward to more DJM tapes and releasing soon.

Where Are You From: Originally from England but I reside in The Netherlands between Amsterdam and The Hague

What Gear Was Used: MPC 200xl & a Nord Synthesizer

Who or What Inspires You: i’m inspired by modern beatmakers like Ohbliv, MNDSGN, Dil withers, KNX, Eric Lau – and the whole Soulquarian movement that preceded them – who all have this feeling of soulful romance in their music. Beats can incorporate so many different so-called ‘styles’ and there are a lot of moods projected into the tracks I make; I’ve yet to really focus in on just one. I like to keep things eclectic. It’s never really mattered too much to me what people think about music, what’s important is how we FEEL when we hear it. There’s an oral tradition of powerful feelings in all of those artists I mentioned, and I’m just trying to channel that at home.

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Loosey (Definition)
Noun – A single song that is “loose”, as opposed to tightly packed with other songs in an album or set.

Artwork: JB Miller


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